Pickup Truck Racing Championship Winner 2017


Congratulations to Scott Bourne #99 for winnng this years PTR Championship with 4069 points.  In second place came Mark Willis #65 with 3794 points while Lea Wood #43 came in at third place with total of 3191 points.

We all hope to see you all again in 2018 for more thrills in Pickup Truck Racing.




Truxx Factor Truck Show

Rockingham Motor Speedway | September 30 – October 1

The Truxx Factor Truck Show at Rockingham is an established family friendly weekend festival of all things trucking with a difference. Not your usual static event, there are lots of things constantly going on for 48hrs of trucking action.

Come and watch us race on the famous banked Oval in our spaceframe trucks, weighing in at only around 900kgs with 230 hp on tap and getting up to 140mph to produce great close racing. Our season has been working up to this Rockingham event, which should be one of the Pickup Truck Racing highlights of 2017.

For more information about Truxx Factor please call 07795 413363 or email info@truxxfactor.co.uk.  Visit truxxfactor.co.uk for further details.